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At Higginbotham Learning, you are at the center of everything we do including your professional development. We bring you the latest business trends, research and more to enrich your career and enhance the employee experience.

Business meeting on video call during COVID-19 lockdown


Amber and Regan were enthusiastic and knowledgeable! I enjoyed the four sessions at one hour each; great length.
The webinar was professionally put together. Presenters were down to earth and very friendly in a professional matter.
I thought both presenters were both authentic and honest which makes them both relatable. Also, they seem to be living out what they teach.

Our Team


Amber O'Reilly, CPTD

Learning & Development Manager

Amber O’Reilly has dedicated the past decade of her career to developing others in numerous organizations. She works with leaders to understand their culture and workflows of their teams and provides new learning opportunities through a collaborative effort. Amber has designed employee onboarding programs, leadership development initiatives, and client education series for the modern worker. Her focus is to enhance their career and learning experiences while effectively contributing to their company’s bottom line and ensuring a proper work-life balance. She is a Certified Professional in Talent Development and also has certificates in Instructional Design, Change Management, and Executive Coaching with the Association of Talent Development (ATD). Amber is also a national and Dallas chapter member of ATD and SHRM. Personally, Amber is a wife and mother of two daughters and enjoying their simple farm life in Sulphur Springs, Texas.

Regan O'Hara

Facilitation Team Leader

Regan O’Hara is a learning and development leader who delivers high-energy facilitation that engages and leverages focus on what matters most. She is passionate about the importance of transparent and authentic communication in business, and believes the ability to understand perspective empowers employees to tap into their greater potential. Regan is certified in Conflict Mediation, as well as received her certificate in Virtual Facilitation in Adult Learning in 2022. Her experience includes facilitation and instructional design of a wide variety of corporate development programs including new hire onboarding, client workshops, educational webinars, and informal learning events. Regan is originally from Portland Oregon, from which she left to attend school at Texas A&M University, and current resides in south Florida.

Tyler Doyle

Instructional Designer

Tyler Doyle is an instructional designer who creates engaging, learner-centered content that generates results and motivates positive change. Prior to joining Higginbotham, Tyler Doyle spent two decades teaching Spanish and coaching in secondary schools.  His strength of building interpersonal relationships, creating programs, and developing leaders produced results inside the classroom and in athletic arena. He is member of the national, Dallas, and Ft Worth chapter of ATD and SHRM. He holds an MBA in Human Resources Management. Personally, Tyler lives in Fort Worth, Texas with his wife and three children.

Tana Taylor

Instructional Designer

Tana Taylor is an accomplished instructional designer with a proven track record of hands-on experience in creating and implementing impactful learning programs. Committed to shaping strategic learning and development initiatives that foster growth and success, Tana brings a wealth of expertise to her role. Before joining Higginbotham, Tana dedicated 15 years to serving as a CTE (Career and Technical Education) Educator. During this time, she successfully implemented evidence-based teaching methods, focusing on nurturing, and enhancing learners’ problem-solving and innovation skills to meet the evolving demands of the workforce. As a testament to her commitment to professional development, Tana is an active member of both the national and Fort Worth chapter of the Association for Talent Development (ATD). Residing in North Richland Hills, Texas, Tana shares her home with her husband and four dogs. Beyond her professional achievements, Tana takes pride in her role as a mother to six children and a grandmother to three grandchildren.

Jaydyn Gillham


Bio coming soon!

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